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"#Clearview #AI has licensed its face #surveillance systems to over 600 law enforcement agencies ranging from the FBI and the DHS to local police departments."

NO, you don't have a 1st Amendment right to my Face— repurposing for profit without authorization.

#privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism


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The bad news is that this already happened. It's the past, not the future. If you're carrying a mobile phone with baseband receiver or active wifi then you can already be tracked at this level of detail. Microsoft did a study with baseband about 15 years ago and concluded that (pretty much verbatim quote) "you can tell who's sleeping with who". That was old tech using early non-smart mobiles, and it's now well advanced.

But right now telcos are the gatekeepers of geolocation. With face recognition that would shift to whoever controls the face database in the cloud, and that's probably going to be one of the techzaibatsu. So essentially face recognition is a tussle for power between oligarchic blocs.


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@maperal @ikari

Cuando decidí cerrar #facebook

-Yo: Voy a Cerrar Facebook, no soprto su cultura ni sus términos y condiciones.

--Mi Otro Yo: ¿Pero Cómo? todos tus amigos están en Facebook

-Yo: Les abriré los ojos y me los traigo a las redes libres.

--Mi Otro Yo: Nadie tiene sensibilidad a la libertad, se quedarán en Facebook.

-Yo: Pues no me importa. Entonces haré nuevos amigos que ya estén en las redes libres por que ahí es donde me quiero mover. Y además será padrísimo tener nuevos amigos con la misma sensibilidad que yo por la libertad digital.

--Mi Otro Yo: ¡Tienes razón!


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It's a good day for another Zap release. A lot has happened and there have been a number of changes/improvements since the last one. 2 days ago.
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Personas de #Chile , primero que todo ¡Bienvenidas!

Segundo, gracias por llegar y romper la barrera del temor a lo nuevo. Si bien esta red se parece a Twitter, no lo es, y hay diferencias importantes.

Hay muchos recursos de calidad para entender bien cómo funciona acá la cosa, pero ahora no los pillo 😅 , así que pensé que hacer una intro cortísima pa que vayan cachando la onda.

No es que yo sea experto, pero estoy acá desde que esta weá era puro campo, así que voy con uno que otro dato :)

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Hey Mastodon admin pals, watch out for this little nugget when upgrading to v3.1.0:


#mastoadmin #carefulnow

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Como llamarías a un asistente virtual para Linux

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- tengo tan interiorizada
la cultura dominante
que siento que es
afirmar que
los combustibles fósiles
deben dejarse en el suelo...

- no es rídiculo...
solo es que implica
cambiar todo...
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The smell of burning eucalyptus fills the air. Particulate levels are "dangerous". Helicopters make their way to the latest fire. Just another Aussie summer day. Right now most of the action is in the ACT and there's some new activity to the west about an hour away. One of my co-workers came back to work today after flying out of Wuhan precisely 14 days ago. Many people wearing P2 masks in the country and P4 in the cities.

Welcome to the new normal.
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I also have reservations about #PeerTube and the kinds of infringing content appearing on instances. For now it's deactivated within Freedombone for technical reasons, but it may be worth considering other options.

The prime directive with #Freedombone is that the user must always be fully in control of what's happening. The system shouldn't be displaying or relaying stuff which the user hasn't voluntarily opted into.

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López Obrador demuestra ser un lacayo del imperio gringo. La caravana migrante centroamericana ha sido disuelta por militares.

México se ha convertido en el muro de Donald Trump.


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The fediverse is a public forum.

Your posts are only as secure as the admins of every instance that your home server federates with, in terms of private and followers-only messages.

If you're going to talk about sensitive information, keep it to Signal or other secure 1-on-1 channels.

Assume that everything you post to the fediverse, is being scooped up by multiple gov agencies around the world.

The Milan scrape was only notable because they made their findings public.

If a university scraping feeds did it, it's safe to assume other, bigger organizations have been doing it for much longer.

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A problem of modernity: as mobile screen resolutions increase some older desktop monitors are being detected as mobile screens by some websites. It's amusing, but also a real practical problem.

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Looks like spammers are now spamming the fediverse through federated blog comments.

Here's the view from #friendica:

#spam #fediverse #activitypub #pterotype #wordpress
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