Looks like spammers are now spamming the fediverse through federated blog comments.

Here's the view from #friendica:

#spam #fediverse #activitypub #pterotype #wordpress
@xavavu yeah, the problem is the Wordpress plugin for AP. The blog is Wordpress driven. And the plugin distributes the comments before they had been checked for spam content.
@hypolite @heluecht @xavavu no, sadly it's #Pterotype, which is no longer in development. :sad_lemon:

I'm trying to figure out what the path forward is. Theoretically, we could fork the origin and move development to Feneas to give the project some kind of upstream, or we can try to find some way to migrate data to the other plugin.
@sean @heluecht @xavavu I believe you should be able to switch plugin, the comments are just regular Wordpress comments, no need for migration.
@sean @heluecht @xavavu Aaah, I see what you mean. In that case you probably need to get in touch with @pfefferle to make this happen and close comments on We Distribute in the mean time.
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