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I'm done. I shall henceforth no longer refer to posts as toots.

The irony could not be more profound. Today marks 12 years since the first release of Mistpark, the very first protocol and brand agnostic decentralised social network. "A message is a message. What software or protocol you use is irrelevant."

Meanwhile, Mastodon announces they are teaming up with a design organisation to improve the branding of their flagship website. What's notable is this branding isn't being developed for the open source project - only for the flagship website so that it can further consolidate and grow.

Meanwhile, the repository known only by the place-holder name of (streams) issues its first official release; and which is the direct descendant of Mistpark. It abolishes brands and branding in personal communications. There is no flagship website. There is no brand or project. There is no launch party or list of features with videos and professionally produced graphics. In fact there is only this post.

T'is the season of sporatic fireworks and overly sensitive car alarms

Conviene recordar, a propósito de este mes, que amplios sectores del anarquismo mantenían posturas nefastas. Antes señalé a la CNT, ahora toca mencionar al magonismo.

La Junta Organizadora del Partido Liberal Mexicano, es decir Ricardo Flores Magón y compañía, estaba en sintonía con la reacción, por ejemplo; Juana Belén fue expulsada del partido por ser lesbiana, lo mismo Antonio Villareal al que se calificó de "sodomo" (sic). No satisfechos con echarles, se publicaron en el periódico Regeneración textos terribles para infamarles.

Entonces, Juana Belén formó un batallón femenino y se unió a las tropas de Zapata, el batallón Victoria.

Villareal se hizo maderista, pero tuvo el gesto de apoyar a Flores Magón cuando estuvo preso y abandonado, aunque sin que él se enterara porque nuca hubiera permitido que un "desviado" lo ayudara.

You know you don't have to call it a toot, right?
Thanks for the reminder!
Looking forward to listening to all the #fedivision entries!

Harald Eilertsen wrote the following post Wed, 18 May 2022 13:41:57 -0700 So much cool music at this years FediVision! Hearing my own track among all these others is such a kick!

#music #fediverse #fedivision @Official FediVision bot
¿Thunderbird para móvil?

Thunderbird wrote the following post Thu, 05 May 2022 07:16:27 -0700 One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY #THUNDERBIRD MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at
Es bueno ver otras plataformas de #fediverso finalmente implementando función de #grupos

Lo de haberlo hecho bien está por ver.

pixelfed wrote the following post Wed, 18 May 2022 05:30:04 -0700 It's not who did it first, it's who did it right.

Groups will be rolling out to select instances next week, and will be available for all pixelfed instances after we conclude federation compatibility testing!

#pixelfed #groups

Re: self-hosting fedi instance I'm currently running Zap on a lower-end VPS. I have another non-federating instance (for family) on a 10 year-old laptop at home.

Zap's reaching EOL but the successor project repo is available at:

Other non-masto fedi software I've tried and enjoyed are Epicyon and, more recently, GoToSocial.

So, how do people run their own personal #fediverse instances? What software? Self-hosted or paying for hosting?

To do my part in ensuring the fediverse stays diverse, I think I'd rather not use mastodon. Also, I'd rather not run that kind of bloat on my small homelab when selfhosting


Ahora que está #WhatsAppDown os recuerdo que también existe algo federado para la comunicación instantánea, que se llama Matrix tenemos servicio en nuestros servidores:

También existe el imbatible XMPP, un estándar para la comunicación instantánea con muchos años de trayectoria: tenemos servidor también:

Buen día.

Estoy acoplándome lo más rápido a

Soy un entusiasta de lo Open Source y la privacidad.


PSA: if you wouldn't have posted it on twitter bc of opsec, don't post it on mastodon either, eh?

just bc there haven't been headlines about cops and other shitheads trolling folks masto feeds yet, or making fake accounts, etc, doesn't mean it's not happening, or won't be asap

¡Actualización de la infografía!

Tanto para los nuevos usuarios como para los no tan nuevos puede llegar a ser complicado encontrar más gente que hable tu idioma cuando se llega a una instancia donde hay de todo. El objetivo de esta pequeña ilustrada, ahora en dos partes, es mostrar las redes en las que hay contenido en español ya sea para seguir o para usar y con ello hacer que su estancia en el fediverso sea más placentera y cómoda ✨

#fediverso #mastodon #pleroma #misskey #friendica #gnusocial #peertube #introduction #introductions
Nunca lo he dicho en voz alta en español. Ahora lo estoy pensando demasiado y no se como me hubiera salido naturalmente. 😆

For #newusers

This is an archived post from two years ago. It's kind of op-ed style writing, lots of acronyms. But basically a blog post on the fediverse.

It not only gives an idea about the dynamic regarding race in the fedi, shit posting and 'drama', but also a glimpse into what my commentary is/was on.

Whilst you're on my site, you can see my work, and maybe buy a print, an e-book, or a tier

#FediScholar #photography

👋 greetings from other-than-mastodonia to all recent mastodonia arrivals
You can import a Hubzilla channel to any later project (or anti-project), but you can't go backward.
Haven't been able to listen to the #copaceticmusichour at it's delsignated stream time for a while now (not easy when needing to keep up with an age three kid). So thanks for making the
archive available!

Just finished enjoying the Ana Tijoux episode while doing some house-keeping (as the kiddo naps).
gatitos con hashtags en cualquier idioma siempre son bienvenidos!

WWII has been popularized as good guys vs the bad guys. Other wars still show the reality of every war: there are no good guys.

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