Toot fijado

Estuve una semana fuera de casa, bebiendo agua de una purificadora local, y ahora que volví a casa, probando mi agua potable de costumbre (marca de renombre aquí) y me sabe mala.

No cabe duda que la naturaleza llama 😃

it's been the year of the Linux desktop since 2011 for me lol

Who says spiders can't fly? I just saw a small spider that threw a thread of silk and flew away 🤯

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Today was the first time I saw a software project ( under an license (MIT) . Mind-blowing 🤯. This tool allowed me to swap some keyboard keys (i.e: Ctrl <-> CapsLock)

Today I wanted to install into a Linksys EA7300 and it's latest EOM firmware didn't allow me to do so. Downgrading to a lower EOM firmware version did the trick 🎉. Now I'll be able to connect point to point with my parents' network using on both endpoints.

I'm starting to think that a raspberrypi 4 will not be enough for my nextcloud instance 🤔 😅

today I was talking (voice) with some friends about ordering oriental food together (phone was locked) and in a few hours I get this ad from Facebook. Coincidence? I don't think so.

for all and contributors/hackers.

How do you manage to read such big codebase source code projects?

Do you download all *-dev packages to follow-up on dependencies code?

Do you setup a ctags/tags to jump from project to dependencies?

Do you keep it short and just read the project code?

Do you start your reading from main?

Boots appreciated :) 🐧

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I managed to get wireguard to work and I think I like it 🎶

New plan: if I ever have to run a meeting longer than 1Hr, I will schedule a 5-10 minutes break no matter what.

It's really hard to keep mind as sharp as when meeting stated after minute 40. 😕

Qué feos son los piquetes de las vacunas, pero es más feo enfermarse por no haberse vacunado 😷

Hoy hicieron capirotada en casa con el pretexto de no desperdiciar el birote que había. Al momento de hacerla ese birote no sirvió y al final compraron nuevos para hacerla 🤭.
A comer se ha dicho 🤤

¡Nos complace anunciar GNOME Latam, un día para celebrar y expandir nuestra comunidad #GNOME en América Latina! Nuestra convocatoria de presentaciones ya está abierta y estamos buscando expositores para presentar en español o portugués. Todas las propuestas de charlas se pueden enviar a

He notado que lupita saca la lengua cuando está contenta o cómoda 🤭, me recuerda a alguien

Why do I whine about it? Because it's not only games, you have to login to your Xbox account to make use of streaming services like Netflix, Prime or Disney+. Shame on you Microsoft

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