Toot fijado

30掳C en Febrero, no quiero imaginar c贸mo ser谩 Mayo :pepecry:

@alcinnz do you use any specific tooling when reading source code projects? (i.e: editor, ctags, gtags, cscope, etc) I'm just curious about it given the fact that you read lots of code :) I use exuberant ctags, but I'm looking for improving my tooling for the task.

Creo que lo 煤nico que quize hacer y no planee bien fue hacer (y volar) un papalote. Ya ser谩 para la pr贸xima 馃榾

De vuelta a la red.

Recomendable tomarse un descanso y desconectarse por un periodo as铆 de cuando en cuando.

Esta semana de trabajo termin贸 para mi. Hora de alejarse del Internet por un (largo) fin de semana completo.

隆Nos leemos en Lunes! 馃帀

There's a dependency hell everyone knows in the Linux world nowadays, but there's also other hell when rebuilding new versions that not everyone is aware of thanks to distributions sucking this pain :morty:

"The key test for an acronym is to ask whether it helps or hurts communication. An acronym that most engineers outside of SpaceX already know, such as GUI, is fine to use."

Today on a meeting at work I felt a bit lost with so many acronyms that I couldn't agree more with Musk's ASS policy: "Acronyms Seriously Suck"

RT @mozthunderbird
We are hiring for multiple positions! If you want to get paid to help create the most popular #opensource #email client in the world, apply today!

For anyone interested: the foundation training and exams are with a discount (up to 85%). More information in
馃惂 馃捇

The good one: I've been looking for buying a new one from a few months now and that's a good excuse.
The bad one: There's still no (real) need to spend 馃挼 on new device (beyond the small battery life I have).

El clima de hoy me la gan贸 y termin茅 empapado camino al trabajo 馃導锔.
Correr fue divertido de cualquier modo :blobcat:

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