@bunnyjane eeeeeeeek, please get a hacksaw and some fine tooth blades! 😱 Cutting with a file is absolutely no fun.

"A study of the world’s most dangerous countries for LGBTQ+ travel reveals the good, the average and the utterly grotesque"

@alatiera @tbernard @elementary How much work is e.g. Elementary able to do on things that involve multiple layers of the stack?

I really miss the days when at Novell/Ximian we had a desktop-oriented kernel hacker. It's when inotify became useful and all of userspace got updated to use it, for example. These days it seems practically only Red Hat's (relatively minuscule with respect to the rest of the company) desktop team does similar stuff.

So... @tbernard and I (mostly Tobias, really) did a thing couple weeks ago for LAS cause we found the conference name to be orthogonal to its goals.

Here's a blog post version of it.

"There is no “Linux” Platform"


Special shootout to @elementary for being the inspiration and case study for it and doing a kickass job all over the place.

Does GNOME’s Maps work on the mobile experience? Also, if someone has a link/documentation to running GNOME Mobile, please swing that my WAY! (v2.jacky.wtf//post/8ae9b937-b2)

@Shrigglepuss my high school classmates BEGGED me to stop whistling it 😂

🦆This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🦆 

@Shrigglepuss one thing I've never researched... I grew up with an Episode 4 tape of my uncle's, and when Obi Wan is fighting Vader, Obi Wan's lightsaber seems to flicker / malfunction. I never figured out if that was intentional, because they definitely fixed it in the special editions.

Typo of the day: "delendencies".

In order to build this software, the following packages must be destroyed.

@Shrigglepuss I'll never stop loving the camera spinning between fighters before entering the Death Star. Gets me every time. I have no fucking clue how they pulled that off before CGI.

To paraphrase @jalcine are you coding for people or your nerd friends.

You gotta make a choice.

Vader has a *lot* of issues to work through and Luke isn't equipped for this at all :yikes:

@Shrigglepuss I still have the original trilogy sountrack on CD - it's fantastic.

Also, sigh, I like how they changed the end of ROTJ to be "the whole universe throws a party", but don't like that the added shots remind me of the shitty prequels :awesome_rotate:

@Shrigglepuss They changed one of the songs in Jabba's palace in the - what do they call them? special edition movies? - and I'll never forgive them for that.

@liw I'm getting to the CSS properties in gnome-shell that are just parse-an-enum-out-of-symbols, i.e. FontStyle -> { normal, oblique, italic }. These already exist in librsvg, and they are done with a very cool macro.

But the fucking error types are different. And I don't want to expose rsvg-isms in a common crate, and don't really want to shave that particular yak just yet...

@hirojin all the time. Then, refactor.

(Also cannot confirm or deny that I would have started a common crate if I could solve a lifetime issue in error types there)

Dear GitHub 2.0 is an open letter for GitHub to drop their ties with . Sign the letter - github.com/drop-ice/dear-githu

Dear GitHub 2.0 es una carta abierta para que GitHub deje de tener contratos con la . Firma la carta: github.com/drop-ice/dear-githu

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