when you hear a joke and you're like "????" at first and then further down the line, be it minutes, seconds, hours, days, you finally go "!! OH GOD I GET IT"

is that a Jestation Period?

Yalitza Aparicio talks to @Carlos_Film
about her "slow moving" acting career and her fight for Mexico's indigenous directors:

“My objective in my career is to give visibility to all of us who have been kept in the dark for so long."

Scholar Social is hosting a free online conference, #SummerSchool !

And we're looking for presenters!

If you're a writer, researcher, formal academic, or anyone with expertise that you'd like to share, presentation spots are 10-15 min long (no formal credentials required, open to people on any Fedi instance, not just scholar.social)

Sign up by 2020 July 12 here:


How to implement unidirectional data flow konami code send toot.

FYI You can nest <details> tags within <ul> and vice versa to create a collapsible tree menu without JS or CSS


people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

Alright friends I'm gonna tell you about the viola (one of two instruments I play). This is it.

programming, bodily functions 

@balrogboogie this, all the time.

(Counterpart: just being unable to figure out a bug, until I stand up to do something else and the answer comes to me immediately.)

... and spend 30 minutes fine-tuning the dot size because the printer doesn't like dots smaller than 0.1mm apparently.

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Hubris is when instead of looking for a printable sheet of graph paper, you write an SVG by hand to do it.

Hi GTK people around here.

I've been playing adding a new collections dialog in gnome-photos. I'm using the same template from gnome-documents, however when I run it all controls are disabled/sensitive-false.

I tried setting the sensitive to true without luck.

Do you know how can I enable all the widgets?

The hierarchy of the widgets in the image is: GtkStack->GtkGrid->Gtk{Entry, Button}

Also: "you may not use wikipedia" at the undergrad level is bullshit.

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Public universities should teach students about stuff like libgen.is and scihub. Change my mind.

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