@federicomena Thanks for posting this transcript and for the informative & well-written talk, as ever!

Highlights for me:

- Filling in the gaps in my knowledge of GNOME a11y history
- GitLab has inline code coverage markers on MRs 🤯
- Big recursion energy to fix the a11y of the code coverage tool used by the a11y code
- The Gru's Plan meme reminded me of the first paragraph of this 10½-year-old post by Colin which I think about at least once a month blog.verbum.org/2011/12/06/the


@wjt Thanks! I remember Colin first telling me about ostree during the walk to the A Coruña lunch site, and me being fascinated by the possibilities.

(Basically I'm a newbie to this reproducible-stuff, but now I understand its value.)

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