What was your favorite DOS text editor? Mine was QEdit. I learned Emacs keybindings, which was only available at the school's Unix machines, by changing QEdit's bindings to match Emacs.

@meena Did that use Turbo Vision? I only used the "old" Turbo C for a very short time.

Before my C days I used Turbo Pascal, with Turbo Vision, and I used its text widget to write a multi-window text editor. Was pretty good, but could only load 64 KB files. I ditched it when I discovered QEdit, which could open larger files.

@federicomena yes! turbo vision was so much better than the old Turbo Pascal we had at school

@federicomena I think the one I liked was called QEdit. I do remember it was blazing fast.

I miss that on my modern 6-core AMD desktop machine, where I can see Emacs paint text, even if it's in a nice graphical desktop with pretty fonts.

Sometimes speed is a feature.

@federicomena I remember I used the TSR program Sidekick a lot for things like batch files and assembly programs where I didn't have an IDE back then. Made iterating really fast before the OS had native multitasking. ;)

Its text editor had WordStar keybindings, and I later used `joe` a lot on Linux because it also defaulted to WordStar keybindings. ;)

@federicomena i was always pretty fond of / qbasic.

i've tried using it in earnest under dosbox once or twice in recent years, and honestly it still holds up pretty good except for one thing: i can't really handle an editor without undo these days.

@federicomena I remember an Emacs-like editor for DOS called Epsilon.

@mansr oh, that one was advertised all over the place in Doctor Dobb's... can't remember if I ever tried it.

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