serde_json has to be one of Rust's killer features. Strongly typed JSON without writing code? Yes, please.

(Currently debugging a regression in librsvg, for which I already have test fixtures in JSON, and this is all around wonderful.)

@federicomena this sounds very interesting! Can one write test suites in rust if the programmed (inkscape) is in c++?

@doctormo yes! You may need to set up a little machinery to call C++ from your Rust tests, but nothing special. is an opinionated way of doing it.

@federicomena I rewrote the libopenraw regression test suite in Rust (to validate the Rust code against the original) and serde_xml was very useful for the same reason.

@federicomena overall the hygienic macros of Rust is such a killer feature. Being able to construct macros for embedding DSLs like SQL or configuration like JSON and have it typechecked or checked for well-formedness during build is *chefs kiss*.

@federicomena (and I've written like 200 lines of Rust so I'm not saying this from experience but from envy)

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