Terminals should have a "scroll up to the last shell prompt" hotkey.

@federicomena and a "just show me the output / stdout / stderr between my current prompt and the previous one", buffer size permitting!

@federicomena I think iTerm2 (on mac) have that.

Also, if my memory doesn't fail, only works if Bash is your shell.

And: copy the standard output and/or standard error into your clipboard!
Darn, now I need this. Maybe tmux could be taught to support this.

@Defolos @federicomena not sure about other platforms but macOS has pbcopy that writes from stdin to the system clipboard and pbpaste that writes from the system clipboard to stdout

Wayland: `!! | wl-copy`
X11: `!! | xclip -selection clipboard`

If re-running the command is not an option try or another terminal (e.g. foot) that supports piping the terminal contents to an external command.

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