What usually punctures your tires?

@brennen holy crap, yes. I guess you can tell we don't have goatheads around here 😱

@federicomena since I moved to Bontrager and Schwalbe tires, no more punctures even when after I rode over broken glass

@mishari yeah, I'm glad I got Marathon Plus for the Brompton - the stock tires were very prone to all the crap on the roads here. I've gotten like one puncture since I changed them a few years ago.

On my big bike I have Compass Rat Trap Pass, which are surprisingly resilient to big things, but not to these little sharp bits of wire.

@federicomena my most notable flat was “tiny little thorn picked up in North Dakota that punctured like 3 tunes before I brought it to the bike shop and the guy found it with a magnifying glass”

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