Reducing memory consumption in librsvg, part 4: compact representation for Bézier paths -

Reducción del consumo de memoria en librsvg, parte 4: representación compacta para las curvas de Bézier -

@federicomena do you find
.fold(0, |acc, cmd| acc + cmd.num_coordinates())
more readable than

@federicomena and
is the same as
&mut coords_slice[..n]

Sorry for nitpicking 😟, I'm just surprised to see these, and wondering why you chose them over (what would seem to me to be) clearer, and more commonly used alternatives.

@bugaevc basically because I am a dumbass :) Thanks for the cleanups! I've pushed them.

(... I scroll down the method list of Iterator and grab the first one that will do. Seriously. I guess fold comes before map/sum) 😄

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