There's plenty of online material on white fragility / fragile masculinity. But I haven't found a good article on cis fragility - would anyone have a link?

(Trying to whack down someone who is complaining about the "no reversisms" in GNOME's code of conduct.)

@federicomena I assume they are coming at this from a feminist perspective, the only category of articles that really exists is the debunking of bad and harmful arguments or very technical philosophical discussions. The one that comes closest here is this one [1] IMO.

Otherwise Julia Serano writes similar things about recent topics here [2] (maybe you'll find something useful there) and also wrote on the term cisgender in depth [3] and responds to concerns cis people might have.


@jhaye ooooooh, yes, thank you! Julia Serano ought to have something.

@federicomena any group who has privilege for so long as to have no awareness of it and no experience of being called on it is prone to fragility. it has never gotten a chance to develop strength by being tested or challenged.
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