, what can I put in a home server (no DNS, no certificates, just a box at home) that will let me show an image gallery without doing stupid shit like importing tons of JPEGs into a database?

("copy all the baby pictures into dated folders in $server, and let the household access them via a web page")

Is MediaGoblin what I want?

@federicomena No creo que MediaGoblin sea para las necesidades que mencionas, tal vez:

@kensanata @federicomena I had not seen the sitelen-mute fork. Thank you for the reference.

@federicomena It's a great questions. I feel like when I started looking for something like this, I found lychee, as someone else has suggested, but it also stores the photos in a database, if I recall. The FAQ says you can't use your own folder structure. Eventually, I just ended up putting them on a hard drive attached to my router so that we have access to them.

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