@federicomena By the way, if you're at all interested in some help with applying for a grant for maintaining bzip2, I'd be beyond delighted to introduce you to @mhoye

@federicomena have you considered offering Unmaintained Crusty C Library Adoption As A Service?

@alatiera @wjt AFAIK Tidelift doesn't go down to C libraries yet, just high-level languages with package managers. Once they go down, I WILL RAKE IN THE MILLIONS, I tell you.

@federicomena Perhaps it is a good idea to convert older libraries to a more maintainable languages. The SOTA is moved on already and the pressure is gone to be the fastest thing possible to the detriment of comprehension.

@dpwiz yeah, things have changed. Although, Rust may make it easier to actually parallelize compression in the end. We'll see.

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