There were a TON of arguments about mnemonics for host names in the early ARPANET days. There is a sarcastically titled 1973 post on a forum at Stanford Research Institute called "Gee Host Names and Numbers are Swell" by Jim White. I just transcribed it:

I learned of this post via a citation in this wonderful paper by Steven Malcic, which talks about how early ARPANET mnemonic tables evolved into our modern DNS system over about 15 years.

lewd joke, but a radical shift in genre 

Well, hot damn. I just finished an pretty big refactor of librsvg's result values. It took me two days to make it compile, as in fixing every place that went from Result<OldThing> to Result<NewThing>.

And all the tests pass. I love refactoring .

Stuff which has led to bugs in my Rust code:

- A struct field Option<T> for "I'll fill it in later" - gets unwrapped because I *surely* must have filled it in, but missed a case (or missed the case where it won't be filled in); unwraps and panics.
- Interior mutability for structs which get filled in progressively - I fuck up and forget to do one field in once place. Need moar typestate pattern.

Almost always, those refactor away nicely into something that *can't* have that bug.

This could have profound privacy implications, especially for people who are poor or otherwise vulnerable. I'm proud to be part of this work.

A new edition of the book Modern C is now available under a CC license via the following page

After years of editing my Emacs configuration file when I needed to change the font size, I learned that C-x C-+ and C-x C-- work.

“So, now, the world is facing a material and psychic crisis.

But, Afrikan members of this planet have had to exist and persist under a state of existential crisis and environmental death since the dawn of the modern globalized capitalist world.”

Burnin’ Down Massa’s House: Notes Toward a Black Radical Ecology

El 14 de octubre inicia en el Colmex el Seminario Sobre Discriminación Étnico-Racial en México -

#Mexico's Foreign Ministry urged French auction house Millon to halt what it called an "illegal" auction of 120 pieces of pre-Columbian artefacts at an event in #Paris.

Orquesta Sinfónica de Mujeres interpretando el Huapango de Moncayo, la sección de metales era impresionante. Mi tiro de cámara es el del minuto 2'10, ahí estoy, entre los violines. 😍

ethics in software design is a subject that needs more attention. black mirror focuses on the extreme example, with only one of their episodes (nosedive) having a current real life parallel (china's social credit system). questions like "should software licensed impose ethical restrictions" are never talked about, and rarely do people consider the ethical implications of software features, from the small stuff like the usage of muted blue as a calming colour in social network UIs to features like "beauty mode" on phone cameras.

the really severe stuff is often talked about, like that time a company released two different trailers and used facebook's targeted advertising feature to show them exclusively to white or black people, but the small stuff often gets glossed over. the exception is DRM, which is constantly talked about and fought against.

This might be too niche a question, but are there open source projects that use Go and seem accessible to beginners?

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