GREECE OUT HERE LIKE "flowers on my dick and bees all around" and MEANWHILE IN PORTUGAL "I'm pooping on this"

cardboard ducks, frostbitten onions, and my personal favorite "it hurts me in the lighthouse" (but I cannot tell what country that is because it is too crowded)

hahahaha I love this world sometimes

#Poll #blind #developers If you view a patch on any code repository system, how do you review diffs between files?

So there's this person who takes photographs from inside musical instruments and I want to live in the 1970s Movie Future where the interior of a Steinway piano is the Community Transport Central Hub or whatever.

wow, ok. just got back from the alternate timeline where kraft hot singles (cheese elementals) instituted a theocratic republic in the ruins of montana. my spotter was shouting “hot singles near you!!” over comms and shit i nearly got swallowed by some sentient cheddar whizz.

Looking for Work :boost_requested: 

Hi all! I'm looking for junior-level work in #software / #game development, linux admin, or anything related. I have worked with #rust on librsvg in #outreachy and have written my own websites! I studied media in university so I can make videos and know a lot of AR/VR theory and design! I've also written C#, Java, Python, and Shell scripts

Need remote work, central US-based, travel (post-Covid) is great!

(sorry for the hashtag spam)
#Jobs #Job #remotejobs

AI-generated breakfast food 

Used GPT-3 to generate new breakfast cereals and descriptions.
Some are a bit questionable.

OK, looks like ninja is running gcc before cargo has a chance to generate the header.

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Current status: doing an strace of a meson compile to see why the fuck cc doesn't find a generated header, when it is CLEARLY THERE and the -I IS CLEARLY CORRECT.

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It still needs to be washed and pressed, and I have to decide on how to frame it, but the Jewelled Skeleton Queen is done. The time it took was a good lesson for me: Just because I have variable interest in projects doesn't mean I'm a failure for recognizing that and working on things when I feel like it instead of joylessly hurrying through. (Pattern by Night Spirit Studios) #CrossStitch

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rough draft of javascript generated planting schedule table. it's a pretty simple algorithm that takes first/last frost dates as input and uses general information about a bunch of different crops.

Diseñando la última herramienta de la (sorpresa) me encontré con este problema.

Aquí les va cómo convertir un paralelogramo rebelde en un cuadrado bien portado (spoiler: unos buenos guamazos)

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