what probably amounts to my 10 thousandth toot thread on foss culture 

something I have been thinking about recently is how from a culture standpoint, foss has jumped the shark maybe on the road and lives in some blizzaro mirage town

Like while the quest for purism (not the company) is a noble task, if you try and find yourself in a world of only using foss software you've actually removed yourself from the common people and have actually become out of touch.

What a week 

Start vacation.
All three of us get amibiasis from who knows what. Salad? Which we always disinfect?
Daughter gets allergic reaction to antibiotic, symptoms look identical to dengue.
ADSL modem dies.
Fully expecting to be bitten by a scorpion or something this weekend.

Snark can be fun, but many people use a rude application of snark as a substitute for clear analysis because contemporary culture treats it as equivalent to being an "intelligence appearance amplifier".

Eg, "The devs were too stupid to even ... " has the hidden implication that "obviously that means I'm smarter than them", even if the analysis is weak. Some people may fall for it, but it might actually just mean that you're being a toxic asshole rather than providing anything constructive.

I am very saddened to hear about Frances Allen's passing. She has done some inspirational work, and kept a great attitude in an often bitter field, and I've always wanted to meet her. ibm.com/blogs/research/2020/08

Last but not least, only a slight diversion: a special COVID-19 benefit performance of Cowboy Bebop's 'The Real Folk Blues', featuring bars from Mega as well as Zaid Tabani and Substantial, who also go very hard on everything they touch: youtube.com/watch?v=8GwE0wwMmK

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"Iniciativa digital rescata siglos de música escrita por mujeres"

"París. De Francesca Caccini en el siglo XVII a Camille Pépin en el XXI. Una plataforma digital ha catalogado las obras de más de 700 compositoras para redescubrir a artistas que han estado eclipsadas durante mucho tiempo."


If you think printers are bad, baby, you have never tried scanners 😡😡😡

@federicomena @categulario i wrote some notes on dealing with the ellipse problem, but sorry no mathematics:

"Hey, ovals are better than ellipses (for buildings)" link.medium.com/c4eKXRrnt8

"Actually drawing some ovals (that are not ellipses)" link.medium.com/d0PC7wEnt8

"Drawing complex curves from circular arcs" link.medium.com/I93pqvLnt8

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