Librsvg 2.52.2 is out! Bugfixes, and new features!

rsvg-convert has sensible multi-page PDF output now; support for <a> links inside <text>; support for :lang() and :link pseudo-classes; support for mask-type property.

In the village of Nashtifan, Iran, some of the oldest windmills in the world, with what may be the earliest windmill design in the world, still spin.
Made of natural clay, straw, and wood, they have been milling grain for flour for an estimated 1,000 years

🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using #krita on #kubuntu, of course).
→ The party continues on

Probably no one else gets angry that tileable Perlin noise doesn't work, but goddamnit.

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So... everyone, including librsvg, renders feTurbulence incorrectly. Except possibly WebKit, but I haven't dug deep enough to confirm.

Doesn't help that there was a subtle algorithm change between SVG1.1 and SVG2 - yes, the code in the spec is buggy.

(The spec: "this C code full of global variables and pre-ANSI practices gives correct results".)

KDE's 25th Anniversary site is LIVE! It contains all the information for activities, interesting facts, advice on how to contribute, merch, and much more!

Check back often! We are adding stuff all the time. #KDE25years

Today in “technology I will never use again, but will also never part with”

When I was 13 and just starting to explore my sexuality I read a book called "Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask."

For the most part it was the usual 1960s-1970s era sex-ed book but the chapter on homosexuality was ... criminal.

It was *incredibly* homophobic. No hope, everything was terrible. It said things like queers will molest anyone they can, spend their lives masturbating in the back of porn theaters, etc etc etc.

Based on that description I *knew* that couldn't possibly be me so I must not have been gay, right?

It set me back *years* in acceptance of who I am. It wasn't like I had any counter-examples. This was the late 1970s and we had no good role models.

This is one of the reasons I'm out now, so kids can see someone who is successful and not living the way that book says. Being a counter example is very important to me.

When the book was reprinted in the early 2000s, they updated everything else but left that chapter pretty much intact.

*If* you share this book with a younger or questioning person, make damn sure you discuss the reality Vs what that book says. Better yet, don't share the book with anyone else.

Ésta se rompió porque la adelgacé demasiado, y ahí la veta de la madera no sigue la curva del plato.

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I'll never stop being amazed that 10 year old computers can read an 8 MB text file and sort all of its words in basically the time it takes me to do two keystrokes.

World War I German military bicycle brought from Germany in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania, which was used by German's soldiers to engage British's soldiers in Kenya.

German machine still intact, I need something like this today.


Going back in time to tell a kid that bullied the hell out of me that I understand that they too were coming from a difficult place and that I realize they were acting out and I just happened to be in the crosshairs and that I forgive them as I gently hold their head down in the toilet for a swirlie and then compassionately stuff them, dripping, into a locker

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