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Please apply self-care liberally in these trying times.

Nice milestone today: at-spi2-core's DBus introspection data is now properly generated automatically, instead of being pulled out of hardcoded strings that were not auto-updated since 2011 or so.

"gboolean flag"

In an argument list of a function with 8 arguments.


Two buttons meme:

* Fix 100-line python script that takes a text file and writes a C file with const char *something = "contents of text file"

* Port just *that bit* to rust to use include_str!()

Any Rust CLI newbies around? Would you like to add Tab completion to rsvg-convert's command-line options?

What do yinz use if you have a whole lot of files, like terabytes of them, and you need to copy them onto a stack of disks to be mailed cross-country, and, this is the key bit, you need to *verify the copy is good* before you put the disks in the mail?

:bancars: finally someone brings out the charts about "car infra is needed for people with disabilities" and other nonsense

(spoiler: people with disabilities are carfree at several times the rate of abled people in Saint Paul)

Area 51 operators 🤝 Math teachers

"How did you get this number?"

Reading about hi-fi speaker wiring and I’ve somehow stumbled into a dark place

I feel bad for users of Debian-stable who report bugs in librsvg against obsolete versions, which are fixed in newer versions of librsvg.

I think Debian thinks they have more resources than they do, and misleads users who think their software is supported.

So, anyone know of a company in Europe willing to hire and import a software engineer from the US? Asking for a friend.

The *C/C++ code* that marshals/demarshals those actually works, despite the differences in XML. People actually tested that, eh.

It is the DBus introspection XML that has differences, but since no one pays attention, the introspection is incorrect.

(But at least Qt seems to have copied incorrect/obsolete introspection data, and later fixed it in the marshaller, but not in the XML.)

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I'm auditing these:
* XML DBus interfaces for accessibility in at-spi2-core.
* The copy in registryd.
* The copy in atk-adaptor.
* The copies in toolkits (GTK4, Qt5+)
* The respective implementations.

They all have differences and don't match! The root cause is that nothing was ever properly autogenerated from the base XML, because there was no infrastructure for it, and later no one to work on doing that.

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"Not my turd, not my toilet."

#Gitlab Inc sponsored our work of maintaining a native #debian package of gitlab server software for last 6+ years.

This work made setting up / self hosting gitlab server just running `apt install gitlab` on a debian server.

Now they stopped this funding. We thank them for their support till now and looking for support from the #FreeSoftware community to continue this work.

Donate at
... and spread the word!


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