@baldur ah nice! I’ve never used Hugo but I’ve seen very good comments about it.

Nice blog btw!

@Canageek that’s sad; I’ve been using DDG for sooooo long that whenever I open Google (maybe just a couple of times a year?) they have yet another page redesign, with more and more distractions 😓

@baldur have you considered using WriteFreely? It is open, and supports ActivityPub. I have not used it but I am starting to consider it.


If you prefer not to host it yourself you could use their hosted version, write.as/

@brion I’m assuming you can’t ssh directly into the server, but why use vnc for the firs connection?

Y finalmente me decidí a borrar mi cuenta de Twitter 🎉!

Inicia la cuenta regresiva de 30 días para que se borre completamente.

De regreso por estos rumbos (una vez más).

A ver cuanto nos dura el gusto 🤷‍♂️


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