Toot fijado

I thought it would be easier to find other humans in the fediverse. I can see them, they're just out of reach

Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

@MapAmore hey! I'll be in the Philippines from the 13th of July. Are there any activities I can join? Just to meet the community

Bike lanes done right: you can’t even say there’s a highway on the left.

Trees are sheltering us from the view, sound and smell of the high velocity death cages ☺️

Norteamérica: "Mira todos mis fósiles de 🦖🦴😱"
Sudamérica: "Mira los míos 🦕🦴😱"
Centroamérica: "No pos guau 😑"

Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Don’t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: 💓

"The joy of living, its beauty is all bound up in the fact that life can surprise you"

- Leto Atreides

Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

Esto es una cosa llamada huevo centenario. La clara ya está negra de haber absorbido la salsa de soya y la yema es azul por lo mismo. El sabor es muy distinto al del huevo de pato en el que se basa

I started writing the first #SpaceTalkTuesday thread about planetary habitability, but quickly realized you all need some background on how we *find* planets first!

So sorry to everyone who voted for habitability, but we’re doing HOW TO FIND AN EXOPLANET 🔭 today!

I promise this will make the habitability thread next week make even more sense (1/)

A lo cual me gustaría agregar que en Tamil hay acentos que parecen estar en las consonantes XD

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